Saturday, April 11, 2009


What up doe Blogspot?....The reason I need your help is this, a friend of a friend is a rapper down south, now I dont want to be biased and say his shit is dope but I really think it is so im just gonna shoot you the link for a FREE DOWNLOAD of his mixtape sampler and have yall tell me: Is He The Truth? or just another rapper in the never ending sea of rappers?...personally I give him a 4.0 outta 5.0 but we want you to LET US KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Kid Cudi: Day-N-Nite

There's not too much new shit that's released that finds it's way to my top list, but every once in awhile even I become suprised at some new music that is put out here fo instance we have an artist by the name Kid Cudi whom is signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label, the song is entitled "Day-n-Nite".... I'm not 100% sure if I like the song in whole or just the fact that it is very catchy, here it is for your enjoyment, let us know what you think. LEAVE A COMMENT

The video is pretty dope too, if your into the whole acid trip thing

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Review Of The DJ Sessions by Jabba The Kut

Album: The DJ Sessions
Mixed By: Jabba The Kut
Rating: 4/5

Contributing Artists: Mos Def, Busta Rhymes, Lament, Dj Babu, Marco Polo, OC, Supastition, cl Smooth, Skyzoo, DJ Revolution, Sean Price, Tash, Swiss Precise, EG OG, Rekz, Butta Verses, DJ Sat One, Concise, Critically Acclaimed, DJ Serious, Nish Rawks. Jabba The Kut, Constant Creations, Sir Smirf Lil, Mustard English, Triple Darkness, Skriblah Dangoh, Cut Above Records, Swift It Major & Harry Shotta, Skibadee, Brotherman, Jack Flash, Chronic, Franko Fraize & Lyrical T, Larusso , Doc Brown, Low Key, Gentlemen’s Club, Unfriendly Neighbours, Reggiemental, Duber, suicide, Swift It Major, Dirty Diggers, Lif & Kyza,.
Jabba should be proud of this one, there’s a lot of good Material on here, the mixing is great, the scratches are sic, I found it an easy listen, in the way that the whole mix on both CDs was seamless.
The album is split into 2 CDs One UK the other US, I personally would have mixed the whole, I’m not into the whole separation thing, I think there is a danger fans of one or the other scene will only ever listen to their preferred style country, and miss out on the great talent that’s on the other one.
One the whole I think this a great Mix CD that gives the listener a good idea of what good Hip Hop is on Both sides of the Pond.

Monday, March 16, 2009

More On The Jim Jones Incident

As more of this story comes to light, the more familiar (ish) it becomes, supposedly during the fiasco that occured at Club Esko local rapper Trick Trick was shot in the thigh, although Trick Trick denies this, there are reports from a local news affiliate that possibly confirm these reports. Hopefully later on tonight we will have a Serchlite tv exclusive featuring Trick that allow him personally respond to these allegations.

----Renegade Rich

Jim Jones Popped.....But No Champaign?

Well, rumor has it that Mr. Jones was in town to do a "pop champaign party" at Club Esko here in Detroit, but around 2am as showtime approached somewhere around 20 people rushed the backdoor of the club and he was assaulted. Truthfully I myself would like to get all of the facts of this story straight before any much more is made of it, to once again try to tarnish the image of Detroit city itself in the hip-hop industry. Eventually as time unfolds we will all know what really happened

-----Renegade Rich

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Musically Gifted: D.Sharp

I was browsing through YouTube today and ran into a fella by the name of D.Sharp whom is gifted in the skills of the violin, wait a minute I know this sounds whack to some of you just trust me on this one, but after I went through some of his covers that come from a wide variety of music,from Kanye to Nickelback I realized this dude is NOT fucking are two of my favorite, please enjoy and visit his tube spot to view many more

---Renegade Rich

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yo Gotti: Why Hasnt He Blown Up Yet??

Whats Poppin? Now the question arose as to why isnt Gotti more famous than he is? You hear his singles on the radio and you hear the rawness in his spit. Then you cop his album and (I'm being honest, no disrespect) you hear your same single unedited, and 2 other bangers, then comes the filler. Gotti has become subject to an epidemic that has rocked the ship and sunk hip hop. Oversaturation. He puts out so many mixtapes that he runs out of relevant shit to say, and instead of takin time to rejuvenate and jump back he continues to spit whack country bumpkin ass garbage. I say that because I purchased his LIFE album...solid classic banger. When he linked up with cash money....Back To The Basics...banger...this new shit tho...WHACK. He started fuckin with Gucci Mane and got WHACK! Gotti...Please get away from that non rappin ass fool Gucci..his crappy flows have infected your brain.